Other Races

The Pandora Systems is infinity complex, and as such GM’s can create and add more races based on various settings. Ask your GM what setting he is allowing you to create your character from

In general Races are “mods” to the human race, and should be balanced as such.

When looking at other races pay attention to formatting.

+/- STAT
This modifies the Min, MAX and Base vales of that Races STAT.
+2 STAT means that race’s Base stat, minimum and maximum values have been increased by two.

So +2 STR would mean that race would have Min 3 STR, MAX 12, with a Base of 7. All other stats would remain identical to humans unless noted.

Note: Minimum stats cannot go below 1.
Race Modifiers are taken into account before Traits, as such a creature with negative STAT and Gifted would still have a minimum Score of 2.

+/- Traits
Races can be balanced by subtracting or adding Traits. In general the more traits a race has the more diverse its population.

+/- Tagged Skills
Races can have more or less tagged skills, this shows a races ability to focus on certain area’s of Studies.

Restricted Skills
Some races are not capable of using certain skills. If a Race has a restricted skills, in general they cannot use or invest points into that skill.

Though your GM may rule that special devices, or circumstances can allow the use of such skills.





Other Races

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